Monday, July 13, 2020

Week One: Fun! Week Two - NEW!

There sure has been a great response to Week One activities - it sounds like kids are having a good time being outside, creating, and investigating. Here are two of the Gnome Homes created by clever builders!

Image may contain: plant and outdoor      Image may contain: outdoor

I heard that two of my favorite patrons were trying to completely fill their Week One Bingo cards! What a great idea!! I hope they succeed! Here's their progress so far!

And here's are a few cairns by one of our young readers! Such craftsmanship! Such balance!! 

It's The Gingerbread Man's boat! It floats!!

And finally, here are two wonderful young friends who took the challenge to memorize nursery rhymes as suggested on the Week One Bingo card. Great job to both of you!!

If you're getting a late start or want to revisit some of the past activities or videos, the link to Week One activities and downloads here.

Here's the link for the activities for Week 2: Included this week is a link to a wonderful puppet musical that I loved! A library in California has generously made this available to other interested libraries, but only until the end of the week at which time the link will be deactivated. So watch soon! There's also a STEM challenge that features the same fairy tale as the play. There's a Build a Castle LEGO Challenge and a chance to design your own family crest to hang in your home-castle! There's a new photo challenge, a new scavenger hunt, a new Bingo Card, and a new Thursday Storytime, coming in a few days.

Do you have friends who need Summer Reading Program materials and an Engineering Kit? I have some left! Just let me know! Click here to fill out the form to make it happen!


Sarah - Alexandria said...

Amazing creativity so far! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Our kiddos loved seeing what other summer reading kiddos have been up too! Thanks!!