Thursday, May 26, 2022

Red, White, & Blue Day

With Memorial Day coming, at Storytime we talked about our flag and the holiday. Then we read one book each that featured red, white, and blue in its title. Our craft was a windsock-type decoration to hang inside or out for the holiday weekend. 
Later in the day, the Saplings also had a story with a "red" theme. The Little Red Fort, by Brenda Maier is about Ruby, who wants to build a fort but cannot find anyone who is willing to help her. After the reading, we collaborated to identify a similar story about a little red (fill-in-the-blank!) who had the same problem when she wanted to bake bread. Do you know the story we were thinking of?  

Then Saplings used any and all the red, white & blue materials to make their own creation to fly for the holiday weekend. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022

It's Spring!!

A few recent spring crafts - a paper plate wreath, circled with yarn and embellished with tiny tissue paper flowers and stickers. Also, a paper bag windsock with streamers to flutter on the Spring breezes!
and another way to style a wreath! 🖤