Monday, February 15, 2021

Mid-February Craft Kits for Kids

Do you want to build a snowman? This week's craft kits will give you some materials to make your own snowy picture to hang on your door, your fridge, or a wall. It's filled with felt circles, paper scraps, pompoms, pieces of ribbon, and cotton so your child can create their own snowy scene! As always, we would love to see photos of the finished creations. Call the library or email us for a kit!

Speaking of snow, forty-plus years ago New England saw the Blizzard of '78. I'm not sure what it was like here in NH, but in Massachusetts we had almost four feet of snow. I was a first grade teacher at the time with a 3 year old at home. I went to bed wondering if we'd have school the next day and woke up to more snow than I'd seen in a long time! We didn't go back to school for two weeks!

John Rocco has written a children's book based on his experiences as a 10 year-old during this very blizzard. We have the book here at the library if you want to read it! There's a read-aloud of it, here - and it's not me!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

A 💖 Story for Valentine's Day!

It's almost Valentine's Day, so here's a story about LOVE - from a cute little dog's point of view! 

You can make your own cute little Valentine puppy if you call or email for a kit from the library, or maybe you can just cut your own hearts at home! You saw mine. I just moved the hearts around until I found a dog face I loved, then I glued all the pieces to the black paper. I also gave him some crayon spots on his cute little ears! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 💖