Monday, July 20, 2020

Week 3 is Here - With a Song!

hope everyone had fun with our Week 2 activities. I sure had fun reading Kate and the Beanstalk!
Here's this week's menu of activities for Week 3 of our Summer Program. This week, you'll help goats get over a bridge, you'll listen carefully to background sounds, you'll build a weight bearing structure, maybe you'll get a little wet, and you'll hear a funny story about another Jack, this one who brings a special gift to the princess's birthday party! There are lots of other activities, too! Also, there are still some engineering kits left - click here to sign up if you want some! 

Someone asked if there was a deadline in getting activities and challenges in - and the answer is no! Take as much or as little time as you like with these suggested activities. The goal for this summer is to read, of course, but it's also to have fun.

Do check in though, with photos and videos of activities that you wouldn't mind sharing with me. Kids also like to see what friends are doing, so let me know if I can share online, too! Here are a few projects from this week! 

Engineering Jack's parachute!
When your materials don't work the way you had expected, 
it's good thinking to change your design - and materials! Engineers do that!
A LEGO Castle!
Note the banner flying from the top!
Check out this beautiful Family Coat of Arms! Wow!
Finally, do you remember last year musician Steve Blunt and author Marty Kelley came to the Gordon-Nash and did a program for us? We couldn't ask Steve Blunt back this year like we wanted to, but he gave me one of his songs to share with you. It's all about stories - and he does sign language! Sing along with Steve!!

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