Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Craft Request: More Snowflakes!

We learned so much about snowflakes last week and had such fun making those Q-Tip ones that NHCS StoryCrafters wanted to make more! So, after reading the beautifully illustrated book, No Two Alike by Keith Baker (which is not just about snowflakes!), we puzzled over an ironed coffee filter trying to decide how to cut the most authentic flake.

We remembered snowflakes are six-sided and had to figure out how to fold the filter to make six equal sections. Once folded, we each made
one cut, then we held our breath as we unfolded the filter. Stunning! We soon realized that, to make a snowflake as lacy-looking as possible, we had to cut deep into the folded shape without cutting through the folded sides. One crafty crafter discovered she could cut a half shape that, when opened, would reveal the entire shape!

This craft was so much fun that a special NHCS adult even joined in! Children made several beautiful snowflakes each and everyone took home extra coffee filters to show what they know and to make more!

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Anonymous said...

The children were so excited to share their creations!