Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Harvest Time!

Strega Nona's Harvest was the read-aloud this week for NHCS StoryCrafters. This Tomie Depaola book depicts how to grow vegetables from seed and the importance of crop rotation, compost and manure, and, most importantly, orderly rows. Big Anthony did not plant a neat garden; his results were what made the story so funny!

Our craft looked like Indian corn! Colored paper "kernels" were carefully glued in vertical rows all around a section of paper towel tube. Strips of brown paper towel were stuffed into the top. Later at home, it can be replaced with a napkin - to make a Thanksgiving napkin holder!
 We also read the story of The Ugly Pumpkin by Dave Horowitz. Oh gosh, it was so funny to find out why the "pumpkin" looked the way he did!

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