Saturday, June 4, 2022

Happy Birthday!

How do you make the 200 year New Hampton School Bicentennial relevant to kids? It's a BIRTHDAY!

For our special Bicentennial Storytime, we read Clever Jack Takes the Cake by Denise Fleming. It's a story about Jack, a poor but clever boy who finds creative ways to bake a birthday cake for the Princess's birthday. He runs into all sorts of obstacles on his way to deliver the cake to the Royal Party, and his gift does not arrive as planned. But, being the clever person he is, Jack finds a way to make everything right by the time he meets the Princess. 

After the story, we made Birthday Crowns for a craft, colored with crayons and markers and festooned with spangles and pompoms, stars and stickers.
When we were finished, we celebrated with Birthday Cupcakes. Happy Birthday, New Hampton School!

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