Tuesday, March 23, 2021

MARCH of the Animals: Elephants!

March of the Animals month continues, this week with elephants! I love this week's story, Elmer by David McKee. It's about a very different elephant who gets tired of his looks and what happens when he tries to change his appearance.  Such a cute story!

All the elephants of the jungle were gray except Elmer, who was a patchwork of brilliant colors - until the day he got tired of being different and making the other elephants laugh.

I'm always so interested to watch authors reading their own books. They know exactly how they wanted their writing to sound! And David McKee has a wonderful British accent! Check it out!

I also wanted to find some elephant facts and video, since elephants are so magnificent to watch. I wanted to be sure to link to an expert, and have decided that World Wildlife Federation is it. Here's the link to their elephant information: https://www.worldwildlife.org/media?page=2&species_id=elephant

And here is this week's craft - it's a black & white Elmer, to color as your child sees fit, and it's seen here with some of the other Elmer books we have in the Children's Room. Give us a call if you want an Elmer book and a coloring paper or click here to print out Elmer at your house!

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