Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Maple Syrup Season

Watching maple syrup being produced is a rite of Spring for kids in our area. If you can't get to a sap house this month, check out the nonfiction and even fiction books we have that show some of the sugaring process. 

How is Maple Syrup Made? by Grace Hansen. This title will take readers through the process of bottling maple syrup, starting in Canada where there are lots of maple trees. Readers will learn how maple syrup is gathered, processed, and bottled for them to buy and enjoy on their pancakes. Nonfiction.

Maple Syrup by Lynne M. Stone. Describes one the favorite North American trees that offers one gift after another, including hardwood for building, beauty with its leaves, and a favorite taste, maple syrup. Nonfiction.

Maple Syrup from the Sugarhouse by Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton. Maple syrup season is here! Kelsey and her father begin harvesting sap from sugar maple trees. Join their family and friends in this farm-to-table process of turning sap into maple syrup. Includes maple syrup facts in the back matter to make this perfect for an educational story time. Fiction.

Sugaring by Jessie Haas. Nora wants to find a way to give the horses a special treat for helping her grandfather and her gather sap to make maple syrup. Fiction.

Sugarbush Spring by Marsha Wilson ChallAs winter melts into spring, Rosie and her grandfather collect sap, and then the whole family works through the night to make maple syrup. Fiction.
We also have books about pancakes! Yum!!

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