Friday, June 15, 2018

After School Program Reading Celebration

I was honored to be guest reader for this year's New Hampton Community School After School Program's Literacy Day. I read one of my favorite stories, Clever Jack Takes the Cake by Candace Fleming. In this story, Jack a poor village boy, gets invited to the princess's birthday party so he works hard to make her a beautiful birthday cake. As he is traveling to the party, he runs into all sorts of problems - trolls, giants, magical places - lots of elements found in fairy tales! In the end, Jack reaches the party with a very surprising gift!

After the story, kids got to pick two books to take home for the summer. There were so many great titles provided by the organizers that I would have had a hard time making a choice! When everyone had their books, we sat and READ! What a great event!

Thanks to the After School Program for inviting me to be part of this wonderful afternoon!

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