Sunday, March 25, 2018

STEM Storytime: "March Mathness"

Our program this month featured the "M" of S.T.E.M - Math!  There were two book choices, and participants picked A-B-A-B-A : a book of pattern play by Brian P. Cleary. So many patterns were shown in this factual book, even patterns that the author didn't write about! After the book, we made our own patterns - with craft sticks, cubes, pattern blocks, and even pony beads on a pipe cleaner.
Next, we experimented with styrofoam balls and cut milkshake straws to make plain and solid geometric shapes. Some even joined several shapes together!

Before we ended, we collected data by tallying the numbers of patrons who had shoes with laces and shoes without. When we had the data, we made a T chart with two sides - one side for shoelaces, one side for no shoelaces. We stacked up squares to represent our data on the chart. Can you guess which had more and which had less?

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