Saturday, December 2, 2017

Feed the Birds

Storytime this week was with Lucy, who read us stories about birds. In Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins, hard-boiled eggs turn out to be live baby geese who won't migrate and want to stay with their new mother. Duck at the Door by Jackie Urbanovic tells of Max, a duck who decides to stay behind when his flock migrates and moves in with Irene and a houseful of pets. The final book, A Year of Birds by Ashley Wolff, tells of the various birds that are in Ellie's yard throughout the year.

Then we made a bird feeder using pine cones from evergreens in our area. After we tied yarn to the top, we spread the pine cone with peanut butter and then rolled it lots of bird seed. Birds will love these!
We also saw huge pine cones that Lucy's mom sent from California. They we so much bigger than the ones we have here in New Hampshire!

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