Friday, December 15, 2017

A Gift-Giving Time of Year

There are so many holidays this time of year - and in most, gifts are given to those we love. So this week, we read stories about friends who give to others. The book How Kind! by Mary Murphy showed how acts of kindness can influence others to do the same. Pip & Squeak by Ian Schoenherr told about two mice trying to find the perfect present for their friend Gus. And A Hat for Mrs. Goldman by Michelle Edwards told of Mrs. Goldman, who generously knitted hats for everyone, and Sophia, who thought  knitting was so hard that all she made were pompoms! Can you guess who makes a hat for Mrs. Goldman in this story?

At craft time, we got to work making a gift for someone special! Using a pipe cleaner for threading, we strung on beads, buttons, baubles, and other colorful and shiny trinkets. What did we make? A bookmark, a rear view mirror hanger, a window gem, a tree ornament..... there were lots of ideas! Before we left, we wrapped out gift in tissue paper, tied it with ribbon, and made a tag.
Now it's all ready to give to someone we love. 

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