Monday, November 14, 2016

S.T.E.M. Saturday: The Moon and Stars

S.T.E.M. Saturday this month was all about the moon, the stars, and other objects in our solar system. Young patrons made dot-to-dot constellations with stick-on stars and constellation viewers by poking holes in cut paper star formations, then attaching them to the openings of toilet paper tubes. Peek through, and there's the Big Dipper, Casseopia, Orion!
We talked about the planets in our solar system, and checked a NASA image online to see their colors and where they fall in order from our star, the Sun. We made solar system hats (or charts) to take home.
Using a flashlight, a tube, and a ball, we made shadows on the wall to show how the Moon changes its shape from one night to the next. We also checked moon phases for November 2016, talked about the nightly changes we noticed, then tried to duplicate the waxing and waning shapes by scraping the filling from Oreos!
Before we ended, we talked about the library's telescope - yes, we have one that patrons can borrow for up to a week! Stop in or call to find out how!

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