Friday, November 4, 2016

NHS Service Day at Gordon-Nash

Yesterday, six students from New Hampton School, as part of a service project, spent their day at the library helping out with several tasks. First, they investigated different ways of making paper plate dinosaurs, and each made one as a model craft to share with Storytime participants.
When children arrived, the students helped with with Thursday Storytime by reading dinosaur stories and talking with kids about what was happening in the books. Here are the books they each read - 
After that, they helped each young patron make the paper plate dinosaur of their choosing. Students helped as children cut, glued, and created a dinosaur with tissue paper, construction paper, crayons, and brads for movable legs. 
After lunch, NHS Huskies went through the juvenile shelves in the children's room, looking at books and suggesting titles to be removed. Then they moved downstairs and organized discarded children's books for a Book Sale. The room is beautifully organized and it looks great!
Sincere thanks to these fine young people from the New Hampton School. Your help is much appreciated and we hope you will return to the Gordon-Nash again very soon!

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