Thursday, July 16, 2015

Brave Animals

At today's Storytime, we read three stories about brave animals. Little Dog Lost by Monica Carnesi told the true story of Baltic, a small dog who was rescued from an ice floe in the Baltic Sea and became the mascot of a Polish research vessel. Peggy by Anna Walker was about a brave chicken who gets blown into a new adventure. Finally, everyone's favorite, Rainbow Fish, took a brave chance to recover something lost and, in the process, made some new friends. Everyone loved Rainbow Fish  Discovers the Deep Sea by Marcus Pfister.

Today's craft had nothing to do with bravery or with animals! We had fun making mobiles or wind chimes from found objects, like plastic cups, plastic lids, straws, beads, and old CDs. They were interesting to make, and each one looked very different from the others.

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