Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Animal Heroes: Pemi, The Therapy Dog

Can a dog be a hero? Yes! when she's a therapy dog! John McCrae, representing the NH Humane Society, visited the library with Pemi, his therapy dog. Pemi is a Leonburger, and a very big, very calm dog. John told us Pemi needed to be specially trained and pass a test to become a therapy dog.  In addition to schools and libraries, Pemi also visits people in nursing and retirement homes. She lets people pat and talk to her and she reminds them of dogs they had when they were younger. Pemi even visited Dartmouth College when the students were studying for big tests. Spending time with Pemi helped students to relax!

John and his helper Mary Ann let us pat their dog and some kids even read a book while Pemi quietly listened. Elephant & Piggie, Peter Rabbit, Dr. Seuss - Pemi liked them all!

Andrea was also here from the NH Humane Society. She told us a little about what the Humane Society does to help animals and thanked us for our thoughtful donations. She left with children's donations of pet food, paper towels, and cash and she also took the dog toys we made last week! We hope dogs and cats at the Humane Society love them!

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