Thursday, May 14, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Now is the time that many people think about gardens, so we read a few books about them this week in Storytime. Flower Garden by Eve Bunting told about a little girl making a surprise garden for her mother. The real surprise for us was seeing where she planted it! Grandpa's Garden by Stella Fry was about a boy and his grandfather planting a garden, tending it through the summer, and harvesting from it in the fall. Can you guess what they did with some of the fall seeds they found? Finally, The Giant Vegetable Garden by Nadine Bernard Westcott told the very sad tale of a town of people who were determined to win the prize for the finest vegetables at the fair. 

Then we set about making our own garden of flowers, using green paper for stems and leaves and cupcake liners for the blossoms. Into the liners, we collaged all sorts of materials for the flowers' centers. A few spring stickers made the project complete!

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