Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crazy 8s Club: It's About Time

This week in Crazy 8s Club at NHCS, we explored time in different increments. We estimated the passing of time in seconds, then used stopwatches to check accuracy. We lined up in birthday order. We became human clocks!

Using our knuckles, we learned a quick way to remember the number of days in each month. It's easy! Here's a link to a photo showing what we did:

We did a "Ridiculous Challenge" where some kids held a silly pose for what they thought was 20 seconds while others stopped their stopwatches when they thought the twenty seconds had passed. Still others recorded the amount of actual time as it passed. We found that the more kids played the game, the better they became at estimating how long twenty seconds really was. 

We also talked about phrases that use the word one at a time, the time of your life, in the nick of time...can you think of others? Add to the list by clicking in the comment bubble above. Take your time!

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