Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day!

May first! It's May Day and finally time to read about Spring and flowers! We read Will Hillenbrand's book, Spring is Here, about Mole trying to wake his friend Bear so he can see Spring. Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms by Julia Rawlinson tells about our friend Fletcher, who in this book thinks he sees snow falling under an apple tree and runs to warn his friends of the return of winter! Our final story was That Is Not A Daffodil by Elizabeth Honey about a boy who thinks he plants an onion, then watches as it grow into a daffodil flower!

May Day is time for May Baskets! We started with pastel circles and bendy straw stems, then got creative with scraps and glue, sequins, sticky dots, felt pieces, cupcake cups, and other embellishments. Each flower was very different!
Finished flowers went into a cup filled with Easter grass, then fashioned with a pipe cleaner handle, perfect for hanging or carrying! Happy May Day!

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