Thursday, May 15, 2014

At Home in a Nest

Our Storytime today featured two books about birds who live in nests. Dimity Duck by Jane Yolen was about the events of Dimity's day from the time she awoke in her nest to the time she went back to sleep in it. Seven Hungry Babies was a funny story by Candace Fleming about a mother bird feeding her chicks. One by one, she went off and brought back a bit for each of her chicks - with funny results! She was exhausted by the time she finished. It was a fitting book for Mother's Day!

A crumpled paper bag was the basis for our paper nests, filled with shredded paper and Easter grass. A tiny pompom chick with googly eyes and a paper beak completed the craft.
This chick is embellished with scrap paper feathers!

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