Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Today's NHCS "StoryCrafters" group heard a story about individuality, friendship, and appreciating one's own gifts. I Wish I Were A Butterfly by James Howe is the story of a small cricket who doubts his beauty and worth until he is counseled by a wise friend.

After discussing the heartwarming message of this story, children cut, folded, decorated and assembled this tiny paper cricket cage. The group agreed that this cage would be temporary housing only for a cricket, for purposes of observation, and that crickets are much happier when they are out in their natural environment!

I Wish I Were A Butterfly is a beautifully illustrated picture book that's available at both The Gordon-Nash Library and in NHCS's own school library. Additionally, there's a video version of it here, one that unfortunately lacks the gorgeous illustrations of the book itself. So, if you like the story, be sure to "check out" the book!

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