Saturday, July 30, 2022

Storytime: Turtles

All our turtle stories today were nonfiction! Can you spot the fiction title that we didn't have time to read? 

When Audrey came from the Squam Lakes Science Center, she showed us a turtle (but not a sea turtle) and told us about how turtles live. They lay lots and lots of eggs (and she showed us some) but most don't survive because they are dug up and eaten by predators!

Kids had their choice of turtle craft made from an inverted paper bowl, like these.  
And the other was made with the bottom of a plastic liter soda bottle for the shell! On a flat piece of foam, kids colored their turtle's circular shell, added legs and a head, and then we hot-glued the plastic shell on top. Because it had a flat foam base, this turtle could float in water!

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