Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Nesting Time

Here's this week's take-home craft, just in time for Spring weather. Made of paper with real-but-fake feathers, some birds in a nest. All pieces are in the kit, and circles can be used to make two 2-part birds or four birds with one part only. The brown paper is fun to shred and can be used to add texture to the nest shape. Call or email if you'd like a kit. 

My favorite "nest" story is The Perfect Nest, by Catherine Friend. It's also one of my favorite read-alouds, because there are so many different voices to be made. It's another book where the detail in the pictures is important to the story, and I couldn't manipulate the book well enough to film it while reading it myself. So here's someone else's very good rendition of this very funny story!

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