Monday, December 14, 2020


This week's take home craft is a hanging holiday elf to decorate your refrigerator or a bedroom door! Inside the kit are shapes for a head, tunic, arms and legs, a hat and other elf elements, including some extra paper and cotton for your creative kid. The directions are included, a guide to how your child might put the pieces together, but this week, there is no picture model for kids to follow. For your reference only, here's the pieces and how they could be used. 

Here's a sample of the directions in the kit:
The small yellow U-shaped pieces could be pockets on the elf’s shirt or tunic! Do you want one, or two, or zero pockets? Maybe you could add some buttons for his shirt and some toys or Christmas items sticking out from his pockets (if he has them!). There’s some extra white paper in your kit if you want to draw things and cut them out - or you could just draw with crayons or markers right on his shirt.

We have a dozen kits available on a first-come, first-served basis. Call or email and we'll get your kits to you through curbside pickup.

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