Monday, November 2, 2020

I'm a Winner! 🏆

ook!! I won some books for the Gordon-Nash in a raffle from the NH State Library! These are picture books all based on stories and events of famous lives. 

In Ben of All Trades, a young Benjamin Franklin tries to find a job that he likes. Hard Work But It's Worth It is about the life and accomplishments of President Jimmy Carter. In Box, slave Henry Brown mails himself to freedom! Rescuing the Declaration of Independence tells the story of one man's determination to save important historical documents from a British invasion of Washington!

But my favorite one is Jefferson Measures a Moose by Mara Rockliff. It's about Thomas Jefferson, who loved books and numbers and math! A nature expert in France wrote a book about America and said some bad things - like birds couldn't sing, dogs didn't know how to bark, and people were weak and not very smart.  Jefferson wanted the world to think favorably about our brand-new country, and he used numbers to do that. He measured and weighed and used numbers to set the record straight! He got a moose from New Hampshire and wait til you see what he did with it! Wow!

The more I read about Thomas Jefferson, the more fascinated with his life I become! If you want to borrow this book (or any of the others listed here - or any of the others that we have!), call us (677-3740) or email ( and we will check it out to you and get it to you curbside. 

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