Friday, January 18, 2019

Storm's a-Coming!

What's our favorite wintertime truck? A snowplow! This week we read Small Walt by Elizabeth Verdick, about a small yet determined city plow on the lot and how he helps during a big snowstorm. Then we read Small Walt and Mo the Tow by the same author, about the same small plow and how he helps a tow truck help a car who is stuck. We also read an old favorite, Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton, about Katy, a big red crawler tractor who plowed out all of Geopolis after a blizzard hit the city. Our last book was Supertruck byStephen Savage, about an unsuspecting garbage truck who becomes a snowplow and saves the city after it's hit with a colossal snowstorm!

On blue construction paper, we drew white chalk snowflakes. Then, using construction paper shapes and scraps, we made a snowplow. Lastly, we added a cardboard scoop and some cotton "snow". 
Bring on the snowstorm!

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