Friday, October 27, 2017

There's a MONSTER at Storytime!

Because the end of October can be so spooooky, at Storytime this week we read about MONSTERS! First we heard about three young mice and one wise old mouse in The Dark at the Top of the Stairs by Sam McBratney. The young mice were curious to see what was so scary about the staircase they saw every day and convinced the old mouse to let them investigate. Go Away Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley showed a scary monster's face that appeared detail by detail as the pages were turned. In The Great Monster Hunt by Norbert Landa, a funny noise wakes up Duck who gets scared because the noise is coming from under her bed! We heard about another noise in Christopher Sat Straight Up in Bed by Kathy Long. We noticed it was a lot like the funny noise in the Monster Hunt story!

Then we made our own spooky monsters from circles, ovals, squares, triangles, and rectangles. We layered shapes to make creepy eyes and scary teeth. We folded long rectangles to make springy legs and arms. We added claws and paws and fingers.
Our youngest patron even came dressed in monster clothes...
but he was really an angel!

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