Saturday, July 8, 2017

Building a Building!

To go along with our Summer Reading Program theme, this week for Storytime we read about building. We read Rainstack by Onur Tukel, about animals that used a machine and then their instincts to make it rain. The rhyming book, Ready, Set, Build by Meg Fleming was about a dog building a house for himself and a special friend. Build, Dogs, Build by James Horvath was a funny book about dogs constructing an apartment building. Even though I knew this part was coming up, I laughed until tears came from my eyes when I read the part about the truck having to stop quickly. It was so funny! "Fetch, Dogs, Fetch!"

Then we set to work building a structure on paper. We used lots of available materials - small pieces of cardboard, pipe cleaners, wide and narrow craft sticks, pieces of straws, and sections of craft foam, with peel-and-stick foam stickers for embellishment (and in some cases, for adhesive!)
Most storytimers made houses, and a few even built "up", in three dimensions! It took some pretty creative 3D engineering to do that! See?
These clever kids all had fun building a building. 

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