Friday, December 9, 2016

O Christmas Trees!

Stories about Christmas trees were featured in this week's Storytime. Pam read my favorite: Mr. Willoby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry, where a too-tall Christmas tree keeps getting trimmed off at the top! She also read The Christmas Tree Tangle, a funny story about what happens when a kitten decides to climb a Christmas tree. Lastly, Merry Christmas Geraldine by Holly Keller was a story of a girl who wanted a tree so tall that it would touch the ceiling! Borrow the book to find out if Geraldine got her tall, tall tree!

Pam and Brandie led children in filling a clear plastic ornament with all sorts of tiny things - bits of ribbon and pipe cleaner, tiny pompoms, scraps of tissue paper, yarn, buttons and jewels and other bright colored objects. Children finished ornaments by tying on a tag with their name and the year, then took them home to adorn their own Christmas trees.

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