Monday, September 12, 2016

STEM Saturday: Magnetic Fun!

Kids dropped in to our first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Saturday of this school year to experiment with magnets and to play with magnetic toys.
We had Magformers that are on loan to our library for the month of September. These building shapes have powerful magnets that hold the structures and cars together. 
We had a jingle bell game where you had to pick up only one color of bell using a two-sided magnetic wand. It was pretty tricky, but fun.
We had horseshoe magnets, circle magnets, bar magnets, and even a star magnet! There was a fun game with magnetic shapes and another one with magnetic objects to make a scene, like a birthday party and a cake with candles!
With all the magnets, we noticed the invisible force! Some magnets had stronger force than others. 
We even played with magnetic putty. Long strings of the putty would dance over the magnets as the force pushed and pulled the magnetic clay. When a ball of putty was placed next to the powerful magnet, it would move in towards it. What force!

It's lots of fun to experiment with magnetism! We will have Magformers until the end of the month! Stop in and play!

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