Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Reading Program: Yoga for Kids

Cat, cow, downward dog...these were some of the positions kids held in tonight's yoga program with Shannon VanSickle of Holderness. Kids stretched and rolled and balanced in this hour long program that dealt with yoga basics. Shannon began the session by reading aloud The Legend of The Ladyslipper by Margi Preus. In this Ojibwe tale, a young girl shows bravery by setting out in the cold of winter to get supplies to heal her sick people. She loses her moccasins in the snow and ice, and the following Spring, ladyslipper flowers sprout where her footprints had been. 

After the story, Shannon had children retell the story and together they devised movements and poses to show the girl's actions. 
When they were finished, Shannon led kids through some traditional yoga poses and stretches...
...and then into a state of rest and relaxation. It was silent as kids lay on the rug and kept their bodies and minds still. 
Kids loved this program! When the session ended, Shannon distributed interest forms to parents asking about having a weekly yoga program for children. Interested? Call the library and let us know!

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