Monday, January 11, 2016

STEM Saturday: Let It Snow!

Our January STEM Saturday featured snow of the indoor kind! We mixed baking soda with shaving cream and made cool, white, moldable "snow" to squish and squeeze and make snowballs with! We also sprayed vinegar on it to see what would happen. The snow "melted"! Very messy but so much fun!
We tried an experiment to see if mittens really are warm. Using a thermometer, we measured the temperature of the air in the Children's Room. It was 23°C. Then we measured the temperature in the glove, and were surprised to find it was the same 23°C! Finally, we measured the temperature inside the glove with a hand in there too. That brought the temperature up to around 32°C. So, are mittens warm? Only when there's a hand in them!
Our last activity challenged us to find a way to stack three marshmallows to make a standing marshmallow snowman. Marshmallow Fluff did the trick! We also decorated the marshmallow man with m&ms and mini chips for eyes and buttons, and pretzel sticks for arms. Only after kids left, did I find in the candy corn for noses! What a sticky, messy, delicious, fun STEM Saturday!

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