Sunday, December 13, 2015

STEM Saturday: "Gingerbread" Houses

December's STEM Saturday was lots of fun as kids constructed gingerbread houses using graham crackers. Precut pieces of cracker were glued to a milk carton base using sticky royal icing. Then each child had a chance to decorate (and even landscape!) their house using many, many types of candy and cereal. What fun!

One young friend took the challenge of trying to make a four-sided house with a roof without attaching it to the milk carton base! He managed to attach all the walls, and added pieces for the slanted roof, but with the addition of a graham cracker ridge beam to cover the top, the house caved in. This young engineer theorized that the addition of a floor would help keep the building more stable. Good thinking and revising!

Thanks to all the parents who provided candy decorations - and cookies from Sweden! Special thanks to Mrs. Simard, who brought us candy canes and Twizzlers, Skittles and peppermint stars, spearmint leaves and gumdrops - and her helping hand!! What fun we had!

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