Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Unsung Heroes: They're all around us

This week's program featured people in our community who work hard to selflessly help make our community a good place to live. 

Mrs. Huckins tells about her work as a nurse at a local clinic and the ways she can help kids stay healthy. We made a tissue holder to take home with us. 

As we made bookmarks, Mrs. Simard explains why she chooses to be a library volunteer on Saturdays, a day she has off from her regular job.

Miss Holloran of the New Hampton Community School tells about the things her school does to support our community and its members, like collecting pajamas for homeless kids, donating canned goods to shelters at Halloween, and raising money to help families in need. We left her table with a pencil and a pipe cleaner topper!

Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. McCormack from the New Hampton Garden Club showed photos of the gardens they plant and maintain to make our community so beautiful. They don't get paid to do this. They do it because they love gardens and want to share that beauty with others.

(They also showed us how to find marigold seeds in a plant that was dead!)

At Mrs. Hunewell's table, we talked about easy ways for kids to recycle and why it was so important to our community to do it. Kids also noted that Joe, the recycle man at the New Hampton Transfer Station, gives children a small reward when they recycle!

Can you think of other unsung heroes in our town?

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