Thursday, April 9, 2015

Books about Bunnies!

The Easter Bunny has come and gone, but there are still lots of stories to read about rabbits, so today we read four. Really Rabbits by Virginia Kroll was about two bunnies, Tulip & Snuggle who escaped from their cage night after night and help their owners with jobs around the house. Listen Buddy by Helen Lester was about a bunny who didn't listen and the trouble that he found because of it! In The Best Place by Susan Meddaugh, a wolf tries to find a better place than the porch he loves. There was a nice message for us all at the end of this fun book! No Bunny's Perfect by  Anna Dewdney was a very good book about manners - for bunnies and for children!

When stories were over, we made our own bunnies - from envelopes! Ears, nose, and whiskers were added, then a spring message or picture was made to put inside! We used stickers and crayons for these secret messages and made them look as spring-like as we could.
Cute bunnies!

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