Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spooky Storytime!

It was Halloween at Thursday Storytime! Some of our books were scary and some were funny! And Then Comes Halloween by Tom Brenner set the stage for the hour by beautifully describing events that lead up Halloween night. Bone Soup by Cambria Evans told about Finnegan, a skeleton who made magic soup using only a bone (and some other ingredients from greedy villagers). On A Dark, Dark Night by Jean Cochran was both spooky and funny, as a little boy watches a creepy shadow move about the house, only to find out it was his mother! Pumpkin Trouble by Jan Thomas was so funny with Duck falling into the jack-o-lantern he was carving! And Halloween Mice by Bethany Roberts described a group of mice having a Halloween party that lasted all night long!

Oval eyes and a mouth turned a plain white paper plate into a spooky-looking ghost. Long crepe paper streamers and open arms helped it look like it was gliding through the air. A string at the top made it easy to fly around or to hang at home.
What a fun Halloween storytime!

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