Thursday, August 7, 2014

What's the Weather?

Continuing with our science themes, this week the Storytime kids listened to books about weather. In Rain or Shine, Curious George learned to look for clues in the air and sky to find out what the weather was going to do. Freddy the Frogcaster did the same thing in the book by Janice Dean, and he saved the town picnic! This Is The Rain by Lola Schaefer tells how water falls from the clouds as rain and eventually makes its way back to the sea. And Brandie read us Rain by Manya Stojic, about animals tracking a storm with their senses!

Then we made weather wheels so we could chart the weather at home. Paper plates were divided into fourths, and each section showed a symbol for a kind of weather. See our clouds, rain, sun, and snow?

A spinner attached to the middle will help us point to the weather we are seeing each day. I hope we don't see snow any time soon!

As you can see, today was a sunny day! And it's always a fun day at Storytime at the Gordon-Nash Library!
Look at that sunny smile!

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