Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Natural! Camouflage & Mimicry

Barry Draper came to the Gordon-Nash tonight to talk about camouflage and mimicry and how living things protect themselves through their appearance. Snowy owls, tree frogs, butterflies - he gave us many examples of how NH creatures blend in with their surroundings or take the appearance of something far more dangerous than themselves.

To see camouflage in action, kids looked at insects and other small creatures that Barry brought with him. Armed with paper and pencils, they divided into small groups, took their magnifying glasses, and investigated life in small containers of pond water.
Kids illustrated what they found and gave their creatures creative names, based on their appearance.

Then they shared their findings with the rest of the group. What great observations!
The hour flew by! What a wonderful opportunity to look closely at some of our smallest creatures. Thank you, Barry, for an interesting evening of investigation - and fun! 
...and thanks for continuing the learning in the parking lot 
long after the hour was done!
Here's a link to Barry's blog - check out his great nature photos!

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