Tuesday, March 11, 2014


After the snowy and cold winter we've have had, I thought it might be nice for NHCS StoryCrafters to see a little spring color! So we read St. Patrick's Day, by noted nonfiction writer Gail Gibbons, and Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. The second book featured shades of green and their color names. Also, each page had a small cut-out that impacted the artwork on the following page. It was interesting to watch one hole on a page turn into something very different on the next page. I love this simple picture book! Here's the video - watch for the cut-outs!

After the books, we made a spring bookmark to go along with NHCS's current One Book/One School program. We decorated green paint cards with tiny drawings, designs, and words, all the while discussing the many different color and color names for green. Then we punched a whole in the top and threaded our choice of green ribbon through it to mark the place in our books. 
Today's StoryCrafters session sure put me in the mood for Spring!

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