Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Olympics 2014!

Are you ready for the Olympics? The Winter Games began last night and run for the next two weeks, ending on February 23rd. Here are two websites for kids who want to learn about the Olympics and this year's events and athletes.

Time for Kids
Lots of Olympic facts and photos here, as well as quick information about Russia, the country hosting the Olympics, and a neat feature that shows some of the USA athletes when they were kids!

Sports Illustrated for Kids
This website has interviews and articles about the athletes and the sports. It looks like the page will be changing as the games continue.

Click here for the list of the New Hampshire athletes at this year's Winter Olympics!

Finally, here's a really neat website from the National Science Foundation that shows the science, math, and physics behind the sports in the Olympic Winter Games. My favorites: the one on the bobsled and curling!

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