Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dig Into Reading July 9th

On July 9 and 23rd We will be welcoming Cynthia Robinson:

On the 9th:

Building in Nature: For children ages 4 and up (youngest working with a older sibling or parent)
We’ll spend the evening outside, in the Gordon Nash Library’s beautiful back yard! Beginning with a storybook that will inspire us, we’ll create shelters and small worlds for local animals and insects. Our art works will be made from a wide variety of natural materials with exciting textures, aromas, shapes, and colors. 

July 23:
Nature Notebook: for children ages 5 and up (youngest working with a older sibling or parent)
How can you capture the beauty and experience of New Hampshire’s summer outside? Think scrapbooking and Nature! Come construct a basic nature journal book, using a variety of recycled materials.  Then we’ll take our notebooks outside for a test drive! Try combining observing nature with drawing and writing, to begin to fill the pages.

"As a working visual artist, making art is a regular part of Cynthia’s life, which compliments and inspires her various teaching/presentation events. “I find that my students inspire my own artwork and vice-versa. The processes and concepts may be different, but the energy and creative spirit cross back and forth."
Find out more about Cynthia on her blog:

Event Time 6:30 to 7:30

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