The Project Across the Street

From the windows of the Children's Room, kids have watched in fascination at the ongoing building renovation at the New Hampton School across the street. We've been entertained by so many big trucks and so much heavy equipment! This afternoon, they had machines there laying rows and rows of sod to create an instant lawn! I was so disappointed there were no children at the library to share the excitement with that I ventured outside and across the street to record it!

The sod was delivered on the back of this big flatbed truck. See the rolls on the back? That's rolled up live grass - with dirt! Click on the picture to make it bigger and you'll see the grass sticking out of the rolls!
One by one, the rolls got attached to a machine that drove back and forth across the dirt, unrolling the grass as it moved. It was pretty impressive! Watch!
Thanks to the people at All Ways Green for letting me record them doing this awesome work!


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