Storytime Water Play

Thursday morning's Storytime was all about water! We read nonfiction about water in all its forms in Water by Frank Asch and All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyon. We talked about how water is rivers, lakes, snow, dew, even puddles and tears.
Then we covered the tables with towels and moved on to our water activity. In pans of water, we experimented with lots of different materials to see what would sink and what would float. We tried piling materials on top of each other to see if floating things could be made to sink. We poured water into small containers and onto items to make them spin. We made boats from floating bases.

After we dried off, we looked at pictures of what was seen "by the waterside" as we sang along with "Listen to the Water". We sang it twice! Click on it -it's a very catchy tune! We finished up Storytime by reading The Boy Who Would Not Swim by Deb Lucke, about Eric Dooley, who resisted learning to swim until it was almost too late!

Coming up next week - Colors (and a craft)!


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