Colors Mix!

Storytime this Thursday featured books and a craft all about colors! We read about and saw for ourselves that
red & yellow make orange
blue & yellow make green
and red & blue make purple!
There were several books to read today, but we had time for only two.White Rabbit's Color Book by Alan Baker showed how White Rabbit hopped into one paint cup after another and how it affected the color of his coat. Color Magic by PatrickGeorge really looked magical as acetate overlays changed the items on each page. Here's a video that shows what the book is like!
Our craft involved mixing colors, too. Kids painted a layer of glue on wax paper, then placed squares of red, yellow, and blue tissue paper all over it. A second sheet of wax paper was ironed on top (by me, not them!) and then a square or round paper frame was glued on top. After trimming the excess, punching a hole, threading yarn through and tieing a knot, kids had a colorful window hanging. 

And when they held their art up to the light, they could see how new colors emerged where the red, yellow, and blue papers overlapped!
I'm really sorry we didn't make one to keep for the library's window!


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