Let's Build!

Today's Storytime was all about constructing and building. First we read Building a House by Byron Barton, a book that showed step-by-step how a house was made for a family. Then we read The Three Little Pigs by James Marshall and were reminded about the materials the little pigs used to construct their houses.

Later there was time for a craft or an activity - or both! Some made houses from straw(s) or sticks or cardboard "bricks", then decorated their yards with flowers, insects, and even some pigs!
Others chose to build with the same materials (although "bricks" were the favorite) and try to "blow the house down" using their breath, a fan, or a hair dryer!
We finished the hour by reading If I Built a House by Chris Van Dusen, and shared our favorite room in this boy's house. (Mine was the Flying Room!) Storytime this week sure was fun!


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