Read Across Newfound

This week, I was invited to Bridgewater-Hebron Village School as part of their annual Read Across Newfound week celebrating books and reading. I was a guest reader in Mrs. McLean's second grade classroom. I read two books to the second graders, both about animals. The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen is one of my favorites, based on a true story about a ship full of circus animals that sunk in the North Atlantic. This book is fiction, though, and we talked about what made it so - the funny animals, the humorous story, the characters in the book. Next we read Out of the Woods by Rebecca Bond, also based on a true story from the author's family. It involved humans and animals seeking shelter in a lake, and we briefly talked about the likelihood of such an event happening as depicted in the book. Before I left, I gave each student an animal bookmark to color. The students were a wonderful audience with good insights into each story. Thanks to B-HVS for giving me this outreach opportunity for fun with great kids!

Valentines! ♡

How lucky are we that Valentine's Day was on a Storytime Thursday? We read books about Valentines and love, then made cards and greetings for those we care about. There was lots of busy cutting and glueing going on today! And a bit of dark chocolate for all!

2019 Caldecott Award

The Caldecott Medal is awarded annually by the American Library Association to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children. This year's winner is Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackwell. I took this beautifully illustrated book to the NHCS Kindergarten this month and we read it together. 

The book tells the story of a lighthouse keeper and his mission to keep his light lit. Children were surprised and delighted to see that the lighthouse keeper lived in the lighthouse. Several liked the idea that a tender came to the lighthouse regularly to deliver food, mail, and even visitors! Kids noted that the lighthouse keeper and eventually his family took good care of the lighthouse and some were sad when they all had to leave. But everyone agreed that the ending was satisfying and happy. You will have to read Hello Lighthouse yourselves to see why!

January's Storytime Saturday

January's Storytime Saturday was all about winter. We read Jan Brett's newest book, The Snowy Nap, about Hedgie, who wants to stay awake so he won't miss all the winter fun. We also read one of my favorites, Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner, which shows a child and parent having fun cross-country skiing in the woods where animals are hibernating. This book is full of facts about the ways that woodland animals survive during the cold winter months.
We made snowmen from felt and decorated them with paper and ribbons. With white crayons, we drew snowflakes on white paper, then washed over them with blue watercolor paint. We added shaving cream to baking soda to make a snowy mixture. And, because we read about it in Over and Under the Snow, we watched this video of a fox leaping high into the air to catch his lunch.

Storm's a-Coming!

What's our favorite wintertime truck? A snowplow! This week we read Small Walt by Elizabeth Verdick, about a small yet determined city plow on the lot and how he helps during a big snowstorm. Then we read Small Walt and Mo the Tow by the same author, about the same small plow and how he helps a tow truck help a car who is stuck. We also read an old favorite, Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton, about Katy, a big red crawler tractor who plowed out all of Geopolis after a blizzard hit the city. Our last book was Supertruck byStephen Savage, about an unsuspecting garbage truck who becomes a snowplow and saves the city after it's hit with a colossal snowstorm!

On blue construction paper, we drew white chalk snowflakes. Then, using construction paper shapes and scraps, we made a snowplow. Lastly, we added a cardboard scoop and some cotton "snow". 
Bring on the snowstorm!


Animals at LEGO Club

At this month's LEGO Club, we read The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen. Then Mr. Dowal challenged us to make an animal from LEGO! Here are a few of our creations!


Winter Snow

All the kids at Storytime love snow! Today we read stories about winter and snow - and we made a snowman!

First we read Winter is Here by Kevin Henkes, which showed lots of snow and how animals and children react to it. It also showed us what happens as winter ends! Then we read First Snow by Bernette Ford, about Bunny and his brother experiencing their first snowfall. Our final story was Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow by David Soman, about Lulu and her dog Bingo finding ways to have fun on a cold and snowy day!

Our craft was to make a snowman. We started with white felt circles of different sizes to make the "snowballs" for the snowman. Then we decorated with paper scraps, tiny pieces of colored felt, ribbon and yarn, and fluffy cotton. Kids gave their snowmen hats and scarves, and some added trees or houses. White chalk snowflakes decorated the blue background.
 Just like real snowmen, each one was different!


A Brand New Year!

We have had our first Storytime of 2019! First we read the tiny book Chicken Soup with Rice, A Book of Months by Maurice Sendak, and talked about what each month might be like. Then we talked about this new year and how we will be able to repeat many events and times that we have had previously - another Spring, another Summer, another Fourth of July and Halloween... We looked at a calendar to find some of 2019's holidays. We also talked about having another birthday - every one of us! We looked at the calendar again to find out when those would be. We have two birthdays coming in January - this month!

Then we read A Birthday for Bear by Bonny Becker, about Bear, who does not like parties, or balloons, or cards, or presents. He would rather be left alone on his birthday! We laughed as kind-hearted Mouse tried to change Bear's mind! Our craft was a beautiful paper plate birthday crown, decorated with crayons and stars and stickers.
Before we went home, we read The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli. In the story, a baby gets a birthday present that he uses over and over and over again as his imagination soars. Can you guess what the present might be?


Picture books about the cycle of the year!
Happy New Year from us to you!

Pajama Storytime

Yes! Pajamas at the library! Yesterday morning, we gathered for Christmas stories and hot chocolate and a Christmas craft. Kids left with decorated reindeer hats and red noses - looking like Rudolph! Merry Christmas to us!

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