Friday, July 11, 2014

Rules of Summer

Yesterday at the library, I was looking at this book. The Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan is a beautifully illustrated book, told from the point of view of two friends. Page by page, the whole book is about what to do (and not do) in the summer!
Never eat the last olive at the party.
Never ruin a perfect plan.
Never give your keys to a stranger.
and lots more!  It got me thinking: what would you add to this list? What's one of your rules of summer? Comment by clicking on the speech bubble above. Let's see if we can make a great list!

I'll start. Always stay outdoors 'til the sun goes down.


Ellis said...

Always go to the beach and, if it rains, go to an indoor pool.
Eat a popsicle every other day.

Casey said...

Always go fishing with your dad.
Always eat cherry tomatoes in the garden.

Anonymous said...

Catch fireflies and let them go.
Play flashlight tag.
Splash your brothers but only when they aren't looking.

Cherie Blessing said...

Swim with a loon at sunrise.
Try the creamies and playgrounds in every town you drive through.
Read books everywhere--in hammocks, in trees, in boats, at the campground, . . .

Wendy said...

Lay on the grass and watch the clouds roll by.
Quietly look at all of the insect activity in the garden.
Enjoy ice cream!