The Farm

Building on our tractor theme of last week, today we finished up reading about farms and gardens. Finally, we read Otis by Loren Long, a favorite book about a sweet little tractor who finds himself replaced by a bigger and better machine. In the end, though, Otis saves the day! We also read another version of Old Macdonald Had a Farm, this one by Jane Cabrera. Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming tells the story of Mr. McGreely's and the steps he took to keep animals from snacking on the vegetables in his garden! Finally, another favorite, The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend, was about Jack the cat who plots to get fresh eggs for omelets! i Carumba! It's such a funny story!

Because we were still reading about farms, children were given the option of doing last week's tractor craft or our new one about Old MacDonald and his animals. Some did both! A paper bag was the base of the barn and pieces for the barn, roof, and door were glued to it. People and animals in the story were colored (or not!) and inserted in the bag so they could be brought out and hidden behind the barn door as children sang the song. Old MacDonald even had a wife - and a baby!


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