Something Fishy!

Boats are back on the lakes and fishing season has begun! So today we read quite a few books about fish. We began with The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen, a rhythmic, rhyming book about a fish who tries to spread "dreary-wearies" with his pouting face, and what happens to turn his attitude around. Children had fun joining in with parts of this repetitive book. We read The Rainbow Fish, an old favorite by Marc Pfister that tells the story of a beautiful fish with silver scales and how she brought happiness to her fishy friends. In Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni, a fish longs to see the world that his tadpole-turned-frog tells him about. Fish Had a Wish by Michael Garland is a quick read about a fish who imagines himself to be lots of other animals. And Gone Fishing by Earlene R. Long told about a day of fishing with a boy and his dad.
Kids cut a triangle mouth from a paper plate, then turned the cut piece around and glued it to the back to make a fin for their fish! Bodies were collaged with scraps of blue, green, and yellow tissue - and everyone got a "sparkle", like Rainbow Fish had, and a googly eye so their fish could see where to swim!
After Story Time was over, some young patrons lingered around the craft table, coloring, sharing crayons, and making friends.


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